Our Mission: South Colonie Dollars for Scholars, Inc. is a volunteer community based financial resource awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are furthering their education. Funding is provided through grass roots efforts and local, state, and national partnerships.

Our Vision: South Colonie Dollars for Scholars, Inc. will expand as the leading community partner to explore, pursue, create, promote, and award a range of existing and new scholarships for all Colonie Central High School students. Single and multi-year scholarships will be developed to encourage and support long term post-secondary education.

Our Affiliation: South Colonie Dollars for Scholars, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization run by community volunteers. We are affiliated with Scholarship America ®, the nation's largest private sector scholarship and educational support organization. With the high cost of post-secondary education and increasing reliance on loans, local scholarship programs play a critical role in assuring that deserving individuals will have access to programs and choices that best meet their needs. Dollars for Scholars volunteers believe that higher education is our best investment and want to assist motivated and deserving individuals achieve their goals. 

Fast Facts:
     - Successful turnkey scholarship process with a dedicated team of community volunteers
     - South Colonie Dollars for Scholars is now the largest volunteer-based, single source of
       scholarship offerings at Colonie Central High School's Annual Award Ceremony
     - By-laws adopted and fully chartered (March 2003)
     - 15 directors with three-year staggered terms
     - Six functioning committees
     - Strong support in place for membership from our parent organization, Scholarship America 
     - Strong working partnership with the Colonie Central High School Counseling Center
     - Strong working relationship with the administration of South Colonie School District and all
       school buildings
     - Appropriate insurance in place
     - Specific fundraising initiatives
     - Funds management: local credit union and national mutual funds family
     - Scholarships funded by local businesses, organizations, and our local community


            History of Scholarships Awarded

Year Awarded   # of Scholarships     Total Amount Awarded


May 2003                 3                                       $3,500
May 2004                 4                                       $2,550
May 2005               17                                     $11,750
May 2006               32                                     $20,500
May 2007               36                                     $20,000
May 2008               41                                     $24,500
May 2009               43                                     $22,175
May 2010               44                                     $23,300
May 2011               51                                     $29,025
May 2012               56                                     $29,150
May 2013               46                                     $26,450
May 2014               44                                     $23,150
​May 2015               41                                     $26,000
May 2016               52                                     $27,750
May 2017               60                                     $32,450
May 2018               48                                     $26,400

May 2019               60                                     $37,458

May 2020               63                                     $38,108

 May 2021               60                                     $37,650 

May 2022               63                                     $37,608

​Total awarded                                               $499,466

Note: All scholarships awarded to Colonie Central High School seniors