Our chapter's Awards Policy is changing to include all Colonie Central High School Seniors

SCDFS Scholarship Awards Policy

The 2021 scholarships are available to
planning to attend a full-time accredited
two-year or 
four-year College or University by the Fall 2020.

​Our 2021 Scholarships are listed below:








Above the Rim Scholarship

ESSAY: How has Basketball helped shape you as an individual


Sponsored by Colonie Boys Basketball

Student currently participating in the Basketball program

Cumulative average of 85 or above

Will attend a two or four year college, but does not have a full scholarship




Adriana Truesell Memorial Scholarship

ESSAY:  What field most intrigues you in the study of nursing or medicine?  (ie: NICU, emergency, hospice care, cancer treatment       

250-500 words please


Student intends to pursue degree or certification in nursing or medical. 




Lawrence A. Bach Memorial Scholarship

ESSAY: Describe your musical activities. What do you feel you have gained from your musical experience? How do you intend to apply these experiences toward your future plans?




Must be attending a 4-year college

Currently enrolled in music and has participated in a CCHS performing group all years in high school.

Letter of recommendation from a CCHS music teacher.

Preference will be given to candidates who have used their music to serve the community.







Backyard Fence Future Leader Scholarship

Strong background in volunteering

Strong Community Service

Average of 85 or better


Dr. Thomas A Brown / Cecile B. David Scholarship (3 scholarships)

Will attend community college


Pursuing a degree in social work

$400 each


Bonnie Bucci Memorial Scholarship


Student pursuing education degree


Student who played Varsity Golf


Student who sang choir or played in the band who will pursue a music degree



Anne Bernice Bytner Memorial Scholarship

ESSAY: Please describe what it personally means to you to be able to care for the sick


Student who will pursue a degree in Nursing, and has volunteer experience in either a hospital or nursing home


J. Dennis Cafaro Memorial Scholarship

Student who will enter field of Business, Finance, Economics or Accounting

Community Service, Leadership



Cannon Funeral Home Caregiver Scholarship

Student who will enter a field as a Caregiver; ie: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Medical or Pharmacist or a student who demonstrated caregiving as a volunteer in community-based organizations.



Michael and Patricia Carey Appreciation Scholarship

ESSAY: Explain your medical / financial situation, reason for attending college and what you hope to accomplish in the future

Student who has experienced severe medical hardship or had a family member who experienced a medical hardship making it hard for the family to pay college costs

Student can be seeking two or four year degree

Award can be given anonymously if desired by student



Dolores Carona Memorial Scholarship

(2 Scholarships)

Student who will pursue a degree in education



Milton L. Flood Memorial Boys Football Scholarship

ESSAY: "How this team sport prepared me for my future"

High School football player

Coach's evaluation


French and Spanish Language Award

Student who intends to study foreign language in college and has a GPA of 90+ average in foreign language coursework over three years. 

Student must be active in CCHS community.



Friends of Sheila Allen Scholarship

ESSAY: Please write a 600-800 word essay about the unfulfilled dreams of a specific person who motivates you to success.

Awarded to a female who will attend college, with a 2.8 average through junior year who has demonstrated community involvement, financial need or demographic or social need (first in family to attend college, family trauma, etc.)



Patricia H. Gordon Memorial Scholarship


Pursuing higher education in field of Special Ed or Elementary Ed

Love of music and has pursued it as a member of school-related music group



Robert & Patricia Hagen Scholarship

A special education program student who will attend 2 or 4 year college. For example, a senior who has achieved success while overcoming learning obstacles



Hsia Zappi Mental Wellbeing Scholarship

ESSAY #1: Mental illness comes in many different forms; invisible, visible, public and private and has any different effects.  Please reflect on how your mental health has impacted your life and how you live with it or combat it.  (500 words)

ESSAY #2: According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five youth live with a mental health condition but less than half receive treatment. How do you think schools could help address this problem? What do you think students could do to reduce stigma about mental illness and raise awareness about the importance of getting help? (250 words)

Awarded to a student who is struggling with or has overcome a mental illness.  Student must have a GPA of 80+ or submit an explanation for a lower grade.



Key Club Contribution Scholarships

ESSAY: 200-250 words; How has Key Club affected you?

(2 Scholarships)

A senior who is a member in good standing of Key Club and who has shown leadership and volunteerism to school and local community



The Jonathan D. Kirk Memorial Scholarship

ESSAY: Please provide a 250 to 300 word essay explaining how personal or family medical circumstances and/or your volunteer activities have helped to shape your goals for the future.

A senior pursuing a two or four year degree in Finance or Business Administration

Proven record of volunteer work

Has faced medical challenges, personally or in immediate family during high school



MacKenzie Kate Malone Memorial Scholarship

Female senior who plays three sports, volunteers regularly and has a true love for traveling



The Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Marcelle Memorial                          Scholarship



Displays outstanding effort in Social Studies




Metro Ford Scholarship


Pursuing a career in automotive industry or business

Community Involvement



Justin Mirabile Memorial Scholarship

ESSAY:  Why student is deserving of this scholarship. 


Technology student enrolling in an accredited college

Demonstrate academic achievement at CCHS

Community Involvement





Musical Advancement Scholarship


Pursuing a Music degree

Participated for at least 3 years in a high school performing group

Letter of recommendation from a music teacher (private or school)




Nelson Family Brass Ring Scholarship

ESSAY: 300-500 word response to - Discuss the role of private companies in the fight against Covid-19.  Cite at least two companies and their impact.

GPA of 75+

Attending 2 or 4 year school

Plans to study Finance, Business or Economics





Kathie Kirk Patrizio Memorial Scholarship

ESSAY:  What or who in your life has influenced you to become part of the healthcare field?


Pursuing a career in health care or medical research

Average of 80 or greater

Community Involvement






Pure Adapt Web Technologies

(2 scholarships)




Grade average over 85

Will attend college in the Capital Region

Has an active interest in any area(s) of web technologies

Pursuing a degree in a related field








Raider Memorial Scholarship

Community Involvement



David Scaringe Memorial Scholarship I

ESSAY:  Why do you feel you are deserving of this scholarship?  


Pursuing a college education in engineering

Secondary interest in music



David Scaringe Memorial Scholarship II

Pursuing a college education in engineering


Shana Salecker Marra Memorial Scholarship

(2 scholarships)

Student who will pursue a degree in Special Education

Can be two or four year college.



Sheila Allen Memorial Scholarship 2021

  • ESSAY: What has motivated you so far?  What inspires you to be successful in your chosen field?  300-500 words please

Awarded to a female pursuing a bachelor's degree in the field of teaching, medicine or government service

Demonstrated community involvement

Demonstrated financial need


Sherry Family Scholarship

ESSAY: How has running helped you?

300-500 words please.

Student who ran Cross Country or Track in High School and plans to study Science or Business.


South Colonie Cheerleading Booster Club Basketball Scholarship

(2 scholarships)

ESSAY: How has cheerleading affected your life and how will it affect your future plans?

Two seniors intending to pursue a two or four year secondary education

Community service




South Colonie Friends of Theatre Arts -

Actor and Backstage Crew Theatre Scholarship

      (1 scholarship)

ESSAY: What does theater mean to you?  How has your life been affected by Covid-19 due to loss of theater?

300-500 words please



Student must be involved in Drama/Theater Club as an actor or backstage worker for a minimum of 3 years.  Due to Covid-19, this can include Lisha Kill or Sand Creek Drama Club performances.  Student must intend to continue theater involvement in college. 











South Colonie Youth Girls Softball Scholarship

(1 Scholarship)

ESSAY: "Please describe what playing softball has taught you?" 


This scholarship is awarded to a female student who played softball with the South Colonie Softball League





Edward J. Szesnat III Memorial Scholarship (4-Year scholarship)

ESSAY: Describe a lesson you learned by playing sports



Student Athlete or Cheerleader



 each year



Tabner, Ryan & Keniry LLP Scholarship


Student Athlete who obtained a varsity letter during junior or senior year

Will attend a 4-year college or university

Average of 85 or greater




Greg Aidala Presents: "The Knock-Knock, Who's There?" Scholarship

Student planning on attending college for a degree in the Arts.


The John F. Cavotta Technology Award

Student who has taken technology classes and will be attending a two or four year college or vocational school.


The Lauren Tanski - Literature and Arts Scholarship



Pursuing a degree in Literature, Journalism, Photography or other arts

Reference by a CCHS staff member



The Niko Strong Scholarship


Student that was challenged personally, academically or socially in the beginning stages of high school who turned it around and persevered, setting up success.





The Vito Ramundo Scholarship

    (3 scholarships)



At least one male and one female

Attending Siena College

Community involvement OR

Played sports on a team

Average of 85+






Amy Seyboth Tirador Memorial Scholarship

(2 scholarships)


Sponsor:  Electrical Workers Local #236 Motorcycle Club


Will attend a 2- or 4-year college

Currently in a music performing group and has participated in a performing group all years at CCHS

Letter of recommendation from a CCHS music teacher








West Albany Italian Benevolent Society & Women's Auxiliary Italian Scholarship

ESSAY: Describe how the Italian language has made a difference in your life.



Excelled in Italian I and Italian II with an average of 92 or higher

Demonstrates enthusiasm for the Italian language and culture

Speaks the Italian language both in class  and outside of class

Will attend a 2-year or 4-year college

Community Involvement








Eleanor B. Grounds Winne Memorial Scholarship


Student who attended Roessleville Elementary School

Student going into the field of education

Student had good high school attendance







All applicants, if qualified, will automatically be considered for the scholarships listed below and any additional scholarships which may be available after publication of this application. Students must apply for SCDFS Chapter Scholarships.


South Colonie Alumni Scholarship



Community Involvement

Average of 80 or greater  



South Colonie Dollars for Scholars

Chapter Scholarships  

(Multiple scholarships)


Community Involvement


Average of 80 or greater 




South Colonie Dollars for Scholars

Directors Scholarship(s)



Community Involvement


Average of 80 or greater