Because of an unfortunate error, the Hsia Zappi Mental Wellbeing Scholarship​ was not made active for applicants. We have extended the deadline for this 1 scholarship until March 27. Please apply as soon as possible.


Our 2018 Scholarship Deadline Date will be announced in January

South Colonie Dollars for Scholars will be having a Board Meetings on 2nd Wednesday most months at the South Colonie School District Office at 6:30 pm.  We would like to invite YOU, the parents of Colonie Central High School students to attend to learn more about our organization. Our schedule is on the events page.

Student Dashboard - Begin completing your profile now!

All South Colonie for Dollars for Scholars, Inc. scholarship applications are administered ONLINE. Our web portal allows you to complete your student profile/application online and simultaneously apply for chapter, regional, and national scholarships in one easy online application.

Our Chapter's scholarships will be awarded at the CCHS Awards Ceremony on May 17, 2018 at 7PM.  The online deadline for applying for our Chapter scholarships is usually the third week of March in the student's Senior year.

Scholarship offerings for the 2017-18 school year will be available for your review on January 1st.  Students may begin completing their profiles immediately pending any additional scholarships that may be added to our site.

Based on the information that you provide in your online application, only scholarships that you are eligible for will show up on your profile.

Students and Parents

If you were unable to attend the Scholarship Awareness Night program on January 16, 2018, you can still 'see' the presenation highlights at the Student Profile Training link below.

Select the Click to Login link below to log into our ChapterNet portal. If this is your first time here, register and you will then receive an email to set your password. View the Student Profile Training document below.

Student Profile Training

How to Accept Scholarships from the Student Profile

Parent Information Instructions

Reference & Recommendation Instructions

Counselor Instructions

The integrity of the documents and the honesty of the information provided in your application are critical to the scholarship award process. Students should be aware that they will be held responsible for the integrity of any information submitted either by them or on their behalf. If the South Colonie Dollars for Scholars Chapter determines that a student, or a parent, or a guardian has provided falsified information, or has submitted forged documents or signatures, our Chapter may revoke the scholarship with prior notification to the student.

When entering school counselor email addresses and recommendations, email address accuracy is very important. Incorrect emails will not allow counselors or recommenders to access your profile. The CCHS counselor emails follow below.

Kimberly Leva

Raymond Malloy

Kristin Mesick

Kim Moutray 

Jill Durant     

Jason Blind  

RUBERIC FOR GOALS ESSAY:                                                               

  • Describing their Goal 5 points
  • Clear and complete statement of goal 5 points
  • Evidence of participant or preperation 5 points
  • Unique information about specific goal 5 points

Scholarship Deadline to be announced



Our Dollars for Scholars chapter has implemented a new software tool, provided by Scholarship America (the national scholarship organization that we're a part of). This software moves all of our chapter's scholarships online and it will allow us to be more efficient with our awarding process.

There are at least three reasons you'll love this new software, too:

1. Online scholarship application for all our Chapter's awards.

The new software means we can do away with paper scholarship applications for good-and you can do all of your applying online. All you need to do select the Click to Login button above and create your personal Student Profile. You'll fill in all the same basic information as on a paper scholarship application, and you'll be able to store and update things like your GPA, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation throughout your high school and college career-which means you'll only have to fill it out once, for potentially multiple opportunities!

2. One profile; lots of applications.

By filling out a student profile, you'll see any and all of our chapter's awards that you qualify for-and you can apply for them with just a couple of clicks. And that's not all: across the nation, Scholarship America is working with corporate and foundation partners to add new scholarships to the scholarship database. Any time your profile matches the criteria for a new scholarship, no matter who's giving it out or where it's from, you'll be able to apply without filling out a new form. You can link your profile to FastWeb to expand your scholorship availability.

3. Much more than just scholarships.

Your Student Profile-and the "dashboard" where you fill it out and update it-provides a single source for a wide array of information you need to know. As a student user of the system, you'll be able to see exclusive volunteer and internship opportunities; you'll have free access to a wealth of financial aid and college success tools and resources; and you'll even be able to export a resume based on your high school achievements and accolades.

And, for any essays you need to complete in applying for our Chapter's or Scholarship America's scholarships, you can cut-and-paste from your original word processing software into this online application process.