Current / Future State

South Colonie Dollars for Scholars, Inc. has been fully functional since March 2003. We, as a team, have been very successful thus far and indeed have been identified as the premier scholarship foundation in the South Colonie community. For us to continue to support the students in the South Colonie community and build upon our success, we must recruit new volunteers. It is also our responsibility to have a succession  plan in place as volunteers choose to step down over time for a variety of reasons.

Ideal Cross Section of the South Colonie Dollars for Scholars Chapter

The individuals that we recruit will fall into one of the following categories:

Volunteer: An individual who will donate their time at various levels: director, officer, committee chair, committee member or a "worker" on a specific task/event.

Member: An individual or business that is an advocate of our chapter and wishes to financially support our mission by donating a given dollar amount on an annual basis.

Active Member: An individual who will devote their time and treasure to the South Colonie Dollars for Scholars chapter.

Advisor: An individual who will be a resource to our chapter that we may call upon on an "as needed" basis for professional advice. This individual typically would donate their time.

Donor:  An individual, business, or other organization who wishes to donate funds in the sponsorship of a scholarship.


You can contact us by email at: or come to our next Board meeting.